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Your Health, Your Rights

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(28 March 2014)

NHS inform have published information about health rights online in the Your Health, Your Rights zone.

You might find this useful to provide information for customers on issues covered in The Charter of Patient Rights and Responsibilities. Topics covered include,

  • Access: your rights when using NHS health services in Scotland
  • Hospital waiting times: how quickly you should receive hospital care
  • Communication and participation: the right to be informed, and involved in decisions, about health care and services
  • Confidentiality: how the NHS protects your personal health information
  • Respect: the right to be treated with dignity and respect
  • Safety: the right to safe and effective care
  • Feedback and complaints: how to have a say about your care and have any concerns dealt with.

Please signpost your customers to our information if they are unsure about their rights. We can help with questions such as how to see your health records, health care for overseas visitors, information for carers on caring and consent, information for young people on consent and confidentiality.

This information is also available through the NHS inform help line: 0800 22 44 88, which is open 8am-10pm, seven days a week or

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Updated to Endorsing Guide - V1.5

(6 March 2014)

An updated Electronic Endorsing guide is available here. This guide is produced by PSD, in conjunction with CPS, to allow contractors to understand and maximise their use of electronic endorsing.

The following sections of the Endorsing Guide have been updated in the latest Endorsing Guide V1.5 :-

  • Sections and have been updated to clarify Part 7U requirements.
  • Appendix 4 has been updated to reflect PSD's Whole pack/Special Containers pricing rules.

Dashboard for Online Reporting

(30 January 2014)

Practitioner Services have implemented a dashboard to help you get the maximum benefit when using online reporting. This enhancement will introduce a quicker way for you to determine and locate which report to use in order to find the information that you are looking for.

The dashboard is available in the first instance to those users that have access to the “Standard folder” for online reports; this is generally independent pharmacies or possibly corporates that have access to the one store and not online access to the whole corporate group.

To use the dashboard, login to Business Objects and access your online reporting account in the usual way and follow these instructions.

Are you ready for the new Gluten-Free Food Service?

(29 January 2014)

Circular PCA(P)(2013)29 announces the introduction of the new Gluten Free Food (GFF) Additional Pharmaceutical Service on a trial basis. It details a timetable, includes Directions and the service specification and details remuneration arrangements under the Drug Tariff.

From February 2014, both adult and paediatric patients with a confirmed diagnosis of either Coeliac Disease or Dermatitis Herpetiformis will be able to benefit from a community-pharmacy based Gluten-Free Food (GFF) Service. This is a National initiative introduced by Scottish Government.

NHS inform have produced a series of information pages for patients and health professionals

patient information pack and leaflet have also been developed. 

NES Pharmacy have produced a support pack to help pharmacy teams with the delivery of the Gluten Free Food service.

Smokeline Marketing Campaign 2014

27th January and 12th March 2014

(24 January 2014)

NHS 24 is running a Smokeline marketing campaign over the next six weeks.  The main focus of the campaign is digital, supported by radio advertisements, pharmacy posters and local events. 

Smokeline is Scotland's national stop smoking helpline. Smoking cessation advisers can offer advice during or prior to quitting, behavioural support, information on using NRT and send out quit packs.

Pharmacies are now a key service for smoking cessation and we see a real opportunity for Smokeline to work in conjunction with pharmacists to support clients throughout their quit attempt. 

Have you thought about promoting Smokeline to your clients when they come in for their NRT?  You could encourage clients to use smokeline to chat through cravings and as an extra source of support throughout the week in between visits to the pharmacy. We hope that Smokeline can be a really useful resource to reinforce the pharmacy service, and ultimately, to help quitters succeed.

Smokeline is open every day from 8am-10pm

  • Phone free on 0800 84 84 84
  • Web chat through the Can Stop Smoking website
  • Text CALL to 83434 for a Smokeline adviser to call you back


Recall of Jext adrenaline pen 150micrograms and 300micrograms

(12 December 2013)

Further to the recent MHRA Class 2 medicines recall for specific batches of Jext® 300 micrograms and Jext® 150 micrograms, which will have been dispensed after 8th May 2013, it is hoped that you will find the following additional information useful:

  • ALK-Abello has advised that the attached GP, Pharmacy and patient letters will be sent to the relevant healthcare professionals for their information/use.
  • The patient letter clearly details the affected batch numbers and actions to be taken by patients and /or their carers.
  • As a result of this recall, the MHRA are advising that patients with pens from the affected batches of Jext® make an appointment with their GP or clinic to obtain an alternative device and receive any necessary training. The only alternative device is EpiPen®    
  • Arrangements have been made to import some units of EpiPen® from the USA. As detailed in the MHRA advice, the US pens have been re-packaged with a UK carton and patient information leaflet. The attached patient group letter from MEDA, the current UK license holders for EpiPen®, highlights the difference in the labelling of the USA and UK products. Patients who receive an imported product will also receive a letter to explain the differences.  MEDA has advised the expiry date of these imported pens is expected to be March 2015.
  • As per the MHRA advice, patients with a Jext®   device from the affected batches ONLY should have an EpiPen® prescribed, with training provided if required.
  • Jext recall 2013 GP letter
  • Jext recall 2013 Pharmacist letter
  • Jext recall 2013 Patient advice
  • Jext recall 2013 EpiPen Patient Letter

Changes to Contractor Payment Information

(21 November 2013)

Following internal discussions and with Community Pharmacy Scotland, Practitioner Services has revised the timing of ceasing paper schedules to contractors originally planned for October dispensing, paid December.

It is now our intention to cease producing and sending paper schedules to contractors for December dispensing, paid February therefore the last calendar month contractors will receive a paper schedule is January 2014.

Pharmacy Care Record (PCR) version 8.0 is now available

(07 November 2013)

PCR Version 8.0 has now been released and includes new features that support:

  • Warfarin high risk medicine care risk assessment
  • Gluten-free support tool assessment

PCR version 8.0 also includes:

  • Link to PCR after successful authentication
  • Date picker control on all date fields
  • Updated report: complex dispensing patient =”yes” (Sub-types now shown in report view)
The new PCR Version 8 user guide covers all PCR functionality and supersedes all previous user guides. A What’s new in PCR version 8 is also available.

Chronic Medication Service Claims

(28 October 2013)

Practitioner Services is continuing to see an increased amount of Chronic Medication Service (CMS) claims coming through with instalment dispensing endorsements applied. Please rememberInstalment dispensing endorsements are NOT VALID for CMS claims therefore they should not be applied. If a GP indicated instalment dispensing on a CMS serial prescription, then you should contact the GP practice and inform them this is not allowable under CMS.

Top 5 Prescription Submission Tips

(October 2013)

  • Securely band prescriptions before placing in transit bags or boxes;
  • Remember to add your Health Board or contractor number to the transit bag or box;
  • Band separately all non standard forms e.g. Stock Orders, Forms with invoices/PC70s;
  • Remember to include your GP34 Declaration form, only record the forms you are submitting;
  • Please don't use staples - to attach supporting documentation, paper clips are the preferred option.

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