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Pharmacists Customer Satisfaction Reports 2015

(22 March 2016)

The 2015 Annual Pharmacy contractor survey results are available for viewing at Once again we are very pleased with the results. 

In 2016 we are going to undertake the pharmacy survey electronically,  the survey web-link address will be included in the email with your monthly e-schedule, please look out for it and continue to undertake and provide us with your scores, comments, suggestions as we want to continually improve our service to you.  Don’t forget the compliments as we like to hear  we are doing a good job, it makes it all worth it. 

PCR version 11 is now available

(16 March 2016)

New functionality in PCR version 11 includes:

  • Import of core service registration information from PRS
  • Core service registrations totals on Pharmacy home
  • Core service registration icons in patient home banner
  • Core service registrations summary on patient home
  • Core service registration icons displayed on pre-existing reports
  • Core service registrations reports

Core service registrations reports:


    • CMS registered patients with a record in PCR
    • CMS registered patients with NO record in PCR
    • CMS registered patients with initial assessment complete set
    • CMS registered patients with initial assessment complete NOT set


    • MAS registered patients with a record in PCR
    • MAS registered patients with NO record in PCR

MAS Lapsed

(Note: Totals exist for this information, however there is no link to report detail)

    • MAS lapsed patients with a record in PCR
    • MAS lapsed patients with NO record in PCR
    • MAS registered and MAS lapsed patients with a record in PCR

Please refer to the PCR version 11 user guide and what’s new in PCR 11 guide for more information.

Please be aware that while the core service registration functionality is implemented the data from the patient registration service will not be available until a later point in time. Further communication about this will be provided.


(10 February 2016)

Practitioner Services Scanning Centre continues to receive submissions that are inadequately packaged by contractors. There is an increase in instances where package contents have burst out of the bag or the contents of the bag have not been banded securely. This increases the risk of prescriptions becoming separated from the correct contractor submission and therefore a risk to your payment.  It also considerably increases the time to prepare the forms for scanning.

To assist our customers and reduce the risk to any contractor payment, Practitioner Services are issuing the following guidance:


  • DON’T Overfill the bag (use 2 if necessary)
  • DON’T Place loose scripts in bags
  • DON’T Use sticky labels, staples or paperclips
  • DON’T Wrap a prescription form round a block/brick of prescriptions – these can be easily torn

Bad example - pharmacy submission opened

This bag is worth over £100,000 to a contractor!


  • DO Tightly secure parcel
  • DO Secure blocks/bricks of forms with rubber bands
  • DO Keep form types together where possible
  • DO Keep invoices separate

Good example - pharmacy submission unopened

Tightly secured package

Good example - pharmacy submission opened

Secured blocks/bricks of forms secured
with rubber bands

Support from Smokeline

(26 January 2016)Smokeline Logo

Do you know all the ways that Smokeline can support people stopping smoking through your pharmacy? Behavioural support helps the client by providing encouragement, advice and motivation to quit and stay quit, and to assist the client in coping with cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

It also serves to optimise the use of, and compliance with, pharmacotherapy – maximising the client’s chance of success.

Here are some of the things we can do.

Advice Prior to & During quitting

  • Is the caller ready to quit?
  • What is the best method for them?
  • Step by step – how to stop smoking
  • Help to develop a quit plan
  • Advice if trying again – what worked and what to do differently
  • Benefits of quitting: health, financial...


Information on NRT / Medication / E-cigs

  • Information on different types of NRT
  • What treatment might suit the caller?
  • Questions about using NRT & help with any NRT problems
  • Information on varenicline (Champix)
  • Information on buproprion (Zyban)
  • Information on e-cigarettes and Cutting Down To Quit

Behavioural Support

  • Support throughout the quit attempt
  • Help with cravings
  • Chat through cravings
  • Tips for what to do during cravings
  • Help working out which times are hardest and what to do
  • Reassurance when struggling
  • Distraction techniques

More Help

  • Signposting to local services

(including pharmacies)

  • Referral to local specialist services
  • Send out free quit pack
  • Other online help


You can get a stock of Smokeline cards to pop in the NRT bag. These are available from your local public health resource library or you can contact Lizzie, the Engagement Officer for Smokeline on 07824 408 936 or email


(19 January 2016)

Smokeline Logo

Smokeline is the National Stop Smoking Helpline for Scotland. Trained smoking cessation advisers can offer advice on quitting, encouragement and praise, support during cravings and information on using NRT.

We have some social media scheduled throughout January which you may like to share to your followers. This includes tips and messages of encouragement. All Smokeline social media will go out via the NHS inform channels on Facebook and Twitter. We have daily tweets – please RT!

For more information and suggestions you can give your clients on using Smokeline, you can contact Lizzie, the Engagement Officer for Smokeline on 07824 408 936 or email

Stopping smoking in January!

(5 January 2015)

You'll hopefully be getting lots of people coming into your pharmacy this New Year to quit smoking. We'd love it if, with every bag of NRT you give out, you could remind the quitter that Smokeline can provide them with support inbetween their visits.  You can get a stock of Smokeline cards to pop in the bag. These are available from your local public health resource library or you can contact Lizzie, the Engagement Officer for Smokeline on 07824 408 936 or email

Smokeline is Scotland's national stop smoking helpline, open everyday from 8am - 10pm. Trained Smoking Cessation Advisers can help people with advice during or prior to quitting, behavioural support, information on using NRT, referral/signposting to local services, sends out quit packs. They are happy to chat to people during cravings.

Smokeline is open 8am-10pm, seven days a week.

  • Phone free 0800 84 84 84,
  • Webchat at
  • Text CALL to 83434 for a call back from an adviser.

Smokeline Logo

Controlled Drug Requisition Forms

From Monday 30th November, new legislation (Circular 019/2015: Misuse of Drugs (Amendment No. 2) (England, Wales and Scotland) Regulations 2015 (S.I. 2015/891) governing the paperwork to be used for stock orders for schedule 2 or 3 CDs in the community came into force.  There will be no change to the existing arrangements for Scotland at this time.

The Home Office has published details of a standard form which is for England only. Updates will be provided when any changes are introduced for Scotland.

A New Process for submitting your Invoices to Practitioner Services for Payment

(27 October 2015)

The following is applicable from your January 2016 Part 1 submission onwards, Practitioner Services no longer require Community Pharmacies to attach invoices to the prescription forms for which they relate to.

Our Sorting & Scanning Centre will introduce a new process which will make it easier and more efficient for any relevant personnel, for example Data Processing, Payment Verification and Health Boards to view these documents.

To help implement this process successfully, when submitting your prescription forms to Practitioner Services for payment, we ask that you:-

  • Submit all invoices together in one batch at the rear of your bundle, no longer attached to the corresponding prescription form
  • Only submit invoices – Not delivery notes
  • Do not submit Certificates of Conformity to Practitioner Services
  • It continues to be essential that you endorse the electronic claim and prescription form with any price (excluding VAT) and Out of Pocket expenses where applicable

MAS Automation

(16 September 2015)

From September 2015 processing, Practitioner Services will begin the automation of Minor Ailments Service (MAS) claims.

Please continue to ensure that all relevant endorsements are applied both electronically and on the paper form. Barcodes are key to successful automation; therefore it is imperative that you check the quality of the print when the form leaves the printer. Best practice is to visually check that all details printed on the form are clear – not faint, not smudged and not defaced by any marks, prior to submission to Practitioner Services. Hand written endorsements should be printed clearly on the form. Failure to carry out these checks may result in incorrect reimbursement of claims.

Payment Schedule - Version 3.3

(24 June 2015)

The new electronic payment schedule originally contained some pages that do not change month to month. Rather than use unnecessary pages in the eSchedule with this information we have located it on our website. This contains the following information.

Please take note of the change log page regarding amendments made now that the paper adjustment sheets have ceased to be posted out. The outstanding information that used to be on these sheets is now in the warehouse and the e-schedules have been updated to include this information. From April 15 dispensing, all schedules are totally paperless.

PCR version 10 Planned Implementation Date

(11 June 2015)

The implementation date for PCR 10 is currently planned for Tuesday 16th June 2015.

Version 10 delivers Pharmacy Technician access, a new pharmacy homepage, new Open Care Issue reports and other user prioritised changes.

The version 10 user guide is available here.

Note:   Pharmacy Technicians who had agreement to be provided  with access to PCR prior to version 10 will be changed over to the Pharmacy Technician Role with the associated access and functions .

Removal of 14 Day Claim Modification Limit

(1 June 2015)

A change was introduced in March 2015, making it possible to cancel, edit and re-claim the electronic message, as often as required, to support dispensing whilst the prescription form is still at the pharmacy. This removes the need to score out barcodes as the claims can be modified to correctly reflect the dispensing.

It should be noted that although it is possible for a pharmacy to modify and resubmit an electronic claim after the prescription form has been submitted to PSD, the information may not be used if the prescription form has already been used as part of prescription processing (scanned by PSD).

Examples of where this change supports electronic claiming:-

Not Collected - Electronic claims that have been submitted for dispensings that are subsequently not collected can now be electronically modified appropriately i.e. electronically endorsed Not Collected.

Instalment Dispensing - Electronic claims that have been submitted for instalment dispensings that are subsequently not collected - e.g. only 3 out of 4 instalments dispensed - these can now be electronically modified appropriately -  i.e. electronically amend the quantity and number of instalment dispensings.

Short Supply – Electronic claims that have been submitted for dispensings that subsequently require an invoice price can now be electronically modified appropriately i.e. electronically endorse with a Special price.

Unscheduled Care

(30 April 2015)

The Unscheduled Care section of the website has been updated with version 19 of the following information:-

Please note that they are only producing this in an electronic format.

ePharmacy News - Issue 13

(March 2015)

The latest edition of ePharmacy News has been published on the website and hard copies have been sent to all Community Pharmacies in Scotland.

Topics include:-

  • Programme Update
  • Automation Updates
  • PCR Phase 10
  • CMS Now/CMS Going Forward
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Gluten-Free Food Service

Archived news >>>

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